Closing of the 4th International Biennial of Casablanca

The 4th International Biennial of Casablanca concluded on December 4, 2018. Bringing together thirty artists from fifteen countries from around the world, this 4th edition attracted a brand new public ranging notably from art students, to visiting art professionals from around the world, in addition to Casablanca and Moroccan art lovers.

The BIC would like to thank all the participating artists and partners without whom the exhibitions and activities could not have been possible, the artistic direction and the curatorial committee, as well as the many visitors who attended the biennial's various events.

The 5th edition is already in preparation. It will be marked by an incubation phase in Casablanca, with a programming throughout 2019 focused on the local art scene, including workshops, events and residencies between Casablanca and Ifitry (Essaouira), the development of new collaborations, and initiatives aimed at a greater diversity of audiences.

The 5th International Biennial of Casablanca will take place from
September 24 to November 1, 2020.

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