Jan 23

IFITRY hosts Africa 2020 artist residency
Screenshot_2021-04-27  IFITRY hosts Afri

As part of the Africa 2020 Season, Halle Tropisme (Montpellier) opens its doors to African artists, researchers, entrepreneurs, cooks, gardeners, architects, students. 

These diverse creatives are invited to transform, even hack, the functions of Halle Tropisme: working, eating, thinking, creating, learning, letting go. This programme is developed in collaboration with 4 independent African art centres which all have the particularity of being run by artists: Barthélémy Toguo (Bandjoun Station, Cameroon), Mansour Ciss Kanakassy (Villa Gottfried, Senegal), Mostapha Romli (Centre for Contemporary Art Essaouira, Morocco), Vitshois Mwilambwe Bondo (Kin art studio, Democratic Republic of Congo). Together, they are imagining a major exhibition aimed at raising awareness of several major issues shaking Africa today, such as the need to reclaim one's own wealth or to bring about a global pan-African identity. This exhibition is the starting point for a vast musical, choreographic, cinematographic and gastronomic programme focused on acclaimed and emerging African creatives.

The artwork featuring in this exhibition will be created at IFITRY Residency. More news and images of the residency will be posted in a few weeks.


The dates of the Halle Tropisme exhibition will be announced in the coming months.

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