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15 Nov

Language of Change

لغة التغيير 

Amira Hanafi.jpg

Amira Hanafi, A Dictionary of the Revolution, 2014 - ongoing. Multimedia. Courtesy the Artist.

This two-day workshop proposes to engage with Amira Hanafi’s project A Dictionary of the Revolution, presented at the International Biennale of Casablanca, and to develop a new vocabulary to describe change.


Day 1. Friday 18 November, 2 - 4 pm


Participants will have a look at Hanafi’s artwork on display and have a discussion about it: both the process of making, and the language that it contains. Then they will play a game to start thinking about the vocabulary we use to describe change: big and small, fast and gradual. This will lead into the final part of the day, which will be spent generating a vocabulary for the change we'd like to see in the world. The vocabulary will be everyday, grassroots, repossessed, and/or invented. 


Day 2. Saturday 19 November, 1 - 3 pm 


The participants will work on giving meaning to our terms. This will be done in part by playing a game in which the participants become or embody the word and are interviewed by other participants. They will use an online co-writing tool to produce a written glossary. A specific version developed by Hanafi for the Biennale will live online beyond the workshop. 


A sharing moment about this experience will take place on Sunday 20 Nov at 5pm at The American Arts Center.


This workshop is free and open to all.

Registration at 


The American Arts Center

2 Khalil Matrane (ex Balzac)


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