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IFITRY Residencies

IFITRY Residency is conceived as a laboratory where creatives are invited to explore new avenues and techniques in their practice
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Top view from IFITRY, overlooking the lodgings and studios roofs, leading to the ocean

Screenshot_2021-04-27 IFITRY — Biennale

Conceived as a laboratory where creatives are invited to freely explore new avenues and techniques in their practice, IFITRY Residency has a wide range of facilities including engraving, screen printing, painting, ceramic, photo and video equipment.

Works created and produced at IFITRY are part of prestigious international collections, and have been exhibited at major events, including the International Biennale of Casablanca, Marrakech Biennale, Rabat Biennale, Dak’Art – Biennale of Contemporary African Art, Venice Biennale, Documenta and more.

Rachid Koraïchi and Master Ikeji collaborating on a series of paintings

Screenshot_2021-04-27 IFITRY — Biennale

One of IFITRY’s reading corners

Artists in residence and workshop participants are accommodated at IFITRY in one of the 12 pavilions facing the ocean. Each has a large space of 20 to 120sqm, one to three bedrooms, with dressing room and bathroom. 

In these spaces, modern comfort finds its place in a refined architecture where mineral elements are omnipresent, responding to the freshness of a raw white. 

The pavilions being the natural extension of the Centre for Contemporary Art - Essaouira, their white walls host paintings by contemporary Moroccan and international artists.

Screenshot_2021-04-27 IFITRY — Biennale

Interior of a lodging

Large bay windows invite guests to enjoy an out-of-sight private garden. Beyond the greenery of the garden, the view extends over the blue of the Atlantic Ocean, inviting for a swim or a walk along the deserted beach.

IFITRY’s swimming pool

IFITRY Residency is located on the coastal road connecting Essaouira to Safi. It is 50 km from Essaouira and 70 km from Safi and dominates the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean and unspoiled nature. The residence is located directly opposite the Contemporary Art Centre.

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